Carina Hinterkircher



The „Città Metropolitana dí Venezia“ hosts the international Art and Architecture Biennale every two years. Our group evolved a matching concept to the theme „reporting from the front“. In regard to the developments of Venice and with the background of the continuing destruction of the city our design was generated. Our project aims on mirroring the fragility of the superficial beautiful but „veiled“ city in an provocative way by material and concept.

Transparent glass columns are arranged in the description of an epicenter on the harbour arsenal. The material developed by us is pulled over the collumns like a skin. This creates a wide fragile formation which extends from the shore to the dock. It shows the real danger of the destruction of the city in mind in an abstract way.

In cooperation with Valentin Brück, Madita Morgenstern, Ricardo Ponce, Erlend Sonderlund, Petter Nordhagen and Lisa Chiera.
Supervised by Dr. Markus Holzbach and Dipl.-Des. Steffen Reiter