Carina Hinterkircher

Najeon chilgi

나전칠기 – Mother of Pearl lacquerware

During my stay in South-Korea I got the chance to explore the roots of product design in form of metal crafts and traditional lacquer techniques. Knowing how to develop a shape out of a flat piece of brass, copper or other metal without heavy machinery made me value the products and the artists more. Controlling the hammer with the correct force, finding a fitting mold or heating the piece up to the right temperature are only a few factors to be considered while trying to convert your idea from a two-dimensional sketch into a three-dimensional metal object.

While there are a lot of options for finishing metalware, the traditional korean lacquer technique „Ottchil“ is not only suitable for metal but also for wood, paper or other materials. It is found throughout asian history as a decor and shield varnish. Depending on the method of applying, Ottchil offers a wide range of visual effects while protecting the material from moist, acids as well as making it more durable and sterile.